Indoor, private gear check for small, personal items & clothing will be available on the 3rd floor at Race Day Resort (look for signs throughout the resort).  Bring some comfortable clothes/shoes for after the race - you'll be glad you did!


GEAR CHECK HOURS: 5am to 4:30pm.


  • Remove your gear check tag from your bib number and attach it to your gear check bag.
  • Do not check valuable items such as wallets, money, jewelry, cell phones, cameras, music or electronic devices, etc.; the event is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • You MUST show your bib number when dropping off and picking up your gear.
  • Loose articles of clothing, keys or other personal items that are not placed in a marked gear check bag will not be accepted at gear check.
  • Once you have checked your bag, you will NOT have access to it again until after the race.  
  • All bags must be picked up by 4:30p.m. on the day of the event. 
  • You do NOT have to use a clear bag, however, there is a possibility that security may search ANY bags.  Please do NOT bring large duffel bags and/or luggage.
  • Any items left in Gear Check after the event will be returned to the CES offices.  Contact us at for inquiries regarding missing items.